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An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

An Irish Airman Foresees His Death


by W.B. Yeats

An Irish Airman Foresees His Death Resources


Yeats vs. Gregory

A lengthy discussion of Yeats' relationship to Gregory suggests that it was way more complicated, and combative, than Yeats' poems suggest.

WWI: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

This is a great web resource about the Great War.

Airman's-Eye View

Yep, they definitely had planes (and cameras) during WWI.

Kiltartan Gregory Museum

If you feel like taking a literary tour of Ireland, check this out.

Horseman, Pass By

Yeats' page at the poet's graves website.


Airman: The Movie!

Check out a fantastic animation and narration of the poem.

Airman on the Beach

Here's another cinematic interpretation.


Shane McGowan Does Yeats

This is just… awesome. The infamous Pogues frontman puts his own unique spin on the poem.

"An Irish Airman," by Aiden Gillen

This guy goes all out and really captures the tone of the poem.

Woah, Yeats' Voice!

Check out this series of recordings of Yeats reading his own poems.


Why So Serious, Bill?

Here's a picture of the older Yeats, looking really serious.

What's on His Mind?

Here's the young W.B. Yeats.

Cool House!

Here's a picture of the house at Coole Park, where Yeats and Robert Gregory spent much time.

A Grave Picture (Har Har)

Check out a picture of Yeats' grave.

Lady Gregory

Here's a picture of Lady Augusta Gregory, Robert Gregory's mother and friend of Yeats.

Articles and Interviews

Theatre Arts Monthly

Yeats was also very involved in writing and producing plays. Here's an interview in Theatre Arts Monthly with him about that work.


Get Your Yeats On!

Here are the collected poems of W.B. Yeats.

WWI Aircraft

Robert Gregory's plane has got to be in here somewhere.

Movies & TV

Yeats @ IMDB

Check out all the plays and poems that have been adapted to the big and small screen.

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