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You're coming to the end of your middle school, and you can't wait to start your path to world domination—er, high school career—at the independent school of your dreams. Before you can, though, you'll need to wow the admissions committee with an application package that shows off your best qualities…and no, your beautiful smile won't count for extra points. If this sounds familiar, Shmoop's guide to the ISEE Upper Level exam will help you on your way.

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What's Inside our Online ISEE UPPER LEVEL Test Prep:

Test-Taking Tips

Ace the ISEE Upper Level exam with specifically designed strategies and tips for the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and essay sections. (Whew.) Learn why the skills you'll need for the exam are exactly the same skills you need to be a Belgian detective with a weird mustache, why there are two math sections with different names, and why it's important to try hard on an essay that won't be scored.

Two Full-Length Practice Exams

It's not exactly a trial by fire, but the ISEE Upper Level exam tests your mettle by including five (5) different sections in the exam. Five! If sections were heads, that would be even bigger than the Hydra. Good thing Shmoop has two (2) full-length practice exams to help you prepare to face the beast.

Practice Drills

We all know what they say about studying: drilling makes perfect! What? It's "practice"? Oh. That's awkward. Well, good thing we have a whole lot of practice drills to help you cement those reasoning/comprehension/achievement/writing skills in your noggin.


Not sure if you're better at sentence completion or synonyms? Can't tell a Quantitative Reasoning question from…whatever that non-Quantitative Reasoning section is called? Pinpoint your strengths and not-so-strengths with our comprehensive diagnostic exam.

Shmoop Test Prep: ISEE a very bright future ahead of you…

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