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Isis's Wall


Has anybody seen Horus? I get nervous when he wanders off.



Still looking. Thoth, have you seen him?

No, but I asked Ra for a few more hours of daylight.

Oh, thanks! He'll turn up eventually.

Not if I have anything to say about it.

Hey, didn't I block you?


<3 <3 <3!!!! Where've you been?

Sorry, I've been dead. Check in when I can. Love ya babe!


I think we need to talk.



You know exactly what about.

Didn't we already talk about this?


…oh. I guess we did. Getting forgetful in my old age, LOL.

Are you threatening Dad with that snake again?

Great day here! How's everybody doing?

I don't want to talk about it.

You never want to talk about anything. You just cry all the time.

It's my job to cry, remember?

I'm still dead.

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Busy working for your father. I shouldn't even be on here.


Working hard, or hardly working?

ROFL! Busted.

Why do you even ask, Mom? You already know everything. How's a guy supposed to get any privacy around here?


O RLY? Bring it, Red.

I blocked you twice! What is going on?


Hello, Isis. I read about some of your work and I'd love to learn magic from you.

I have very high standards, you know. I've been known to send my seven scorpions after those who disappoint me.

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She's not kidding.

Lady of the Marsh

No, she's not. Those scorpions killed my son.

Are you still mad about that? I resurrected him.


Um, let me think about it and get back to you.

Hey, nice cornucopia! Funny…it's just like mine.


Nice ship's wheel. Did you buy it where I bought mine?


Nice hat. Sure you didn't just swipe mine?

My Egyptian clothes weren't warm enough for Rome. So sue me.

That can be arranged.

Cleopatra VII

Oh, Great Mother, help!

What's wrong?

Cleopatra VII

Octavian's trying to take Egypt! We sent a bunch of ships to Actium and he just wrecked them all. He's headed for Alexandria right now.

And this is my problem how? Tell that Roman boyfriend of yours—what's his name?—to handle it.

Cleopatra VII

…Marc Antony, my HUSBAND? He's out drinking on the beach.

Great choice in men there, Cleo.

Cleopatra VII

At least my husband's not dead.

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Okay, maybe I can help you out. Get a snake and put it in a basket.

changes her relationship status to It's Complicated.

What happened?

Seth killed Osiris! And we were going to have a baby.

That's terrible! What are you going to do?

I have an idea. Call your mother and tell her to meet me in the marsh.

Step ahead of you, sis. Bring lots of spellbooks. I got the bandages.

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shared a photo.

Boy, they grow up so fast.

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Do you HAVE to show all my baby pictures to the world? :-(


My mom does it too….

and Rome are now friends.

and Phrygia are now friends.

and Pompeii are now friends.

and Macedonia are now friends.

and Greece are now friends.

and Asia Minor are now friends.

and Cyrenaica are now friends.

and Germania are now friends.

and Britannia are now friends.


Hey, when are you coming home?

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