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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 18 Summary

  • The spring brings plenty of flowers all over the island. There are birds everywhere, including a pair with "a yellow body and a scarlet head" that builds a nest in the yucca bush near Karana's house (18.2).
  • The pair of birds gives birth to gray babies. Karana puts them in a little birdhouse cage so that they stay with her once all the birds fly to the north later in the season.
  • As the two little birds grow, their feathers become beautifully colored like their parents, and they start making "reep reep" sounds (18.5).  Hello, cute.
  • Summer comes and the cage becomes too small for the birds. Karana clips the wings of the birds so they can't fly away and lets them loose in the house.
  • The birds learn to take food from Karana's hand. She keeps their wings clipped and lets them out into the yard. Eventually, the birds are tame and Karana doesn't have to clip their wings anymore.
  • The big bird she calls Tainor, after a young man she liked who was killed by the Aleuts. The other bird she calls Lurai, a name she wishes she had been called.
  • During this time, Karana also makes a new yucca skirt, a belt of sealskin, and sandals. She also makes a wreath for Rontu's neck, but he doesn't like it.
  • Together, Karana in her skirt and Rontu in his wreath walk the cliffs.

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