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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 4 Summary

  • The Aleuts begin to pack up and leave, but they still haven't paid the chief.
  • The people of the village hurry to Coral Cove. Ulape and Karana hide on a ledge to watch the drama unfold.
  • On the beach, Chief Chowig is in conversation with Captain Orlov. The men are having a disagreement.
  • Orlov offers Chief Chowig a black box filled with beads in exchange for the otter. While the women who are watching <em>ooh</em> and <em>ahh</em> over the jewelry, the chief is clearly not impressed. He wants the otter.
  • Orlov agrees to give him three more chests filled with beads and iron spearheads, but the other Aleuts are quickly packing up the otter to leave. The Chief says that the otter must stay on the beach until the chests are delivered.
  • A storm is brewing on the ocean (and on the beach). Captain Orlov says he and the other guys need to be quick. The Chief says he needs the chests first – then his people will help with the canoes.
  • This is when the fighting starts, and we're pretty sure you saw it coming. Karana can't tell who struck first; she only sees her father on the rocks with blood on his face.
  • The men from the village rush into fight the Aleuts. Many fight and die – among them Karana's father.
  • The wind picks up and the Aleuts run for the boat. They hoist their red sails and sail away.
  • The storm strikes, and Karana and Ulape run to the beach where the fallen warriors are. Karana sees her father dead in the waves. She wishes he hadn't told the dishonest Russian his secret name.

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