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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter 6 Summary

  • Spring passes and Kimki still doesn't come back. The village is running out of water, but Matasaip – the man who has taken Kimki's place as leader – says there are bigger things to worry about. Mainly? Oh yeah, the Aleuts again.
  • As the hunting season of the Aleuts approaches, Matasaip sends people to watch the cliffs for those red sails of the Russian ships.
  • Since the villagers can't defend themselves against another attack, a plan is made to run away to Santa Catalina if the Aleuts return. Canoes and supplies are hidden on the rocks at the south end of the island just for this reason – a quick getaway.
  • One night, a watcher sees a ship on the water and raises the alarm. Matasaip starts to lead his people to the canoes, when a villager runs up and tells the group that the sails on the ship are white, not red. It's not the same ship of the Aleuts!
  • Matasaip decides to check out the situation himself, but first he sends his people on to the canoes to wait for him.
  • Soon a messenger, Nanko, comes running across the sand dunes. He has a message from Matasaip: the ship is full of white men, but they've been sent by Kimki. They're here to bring the people of the island to the mainland.
  • Everyone is happy, though also maybe a bit scared.

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