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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Karana (Won-a-pa-lei) Timeline and Summary

  • While out collecting roots, Karana spots the ship on the horizon.
  • Karana watches the negotiations between Captain Orlov and her father.
  • When the contract doesn’t work out, Karana and Ulape watch the massacre of their people.
  • Karana tells her brother Ramo he cannot return to the village for his fishing spear.
  • When she sees Ramo isn't aboard the ship to the mainland, Karana jumps back into the ocean to return to the island for her brother.
  • Karana journeys to the east in her canoe, but then returns to the Island of the Blue Dolphins when the canoe springs a leak.
  • Happily escorted back home by dolphins, Karana decides the island will be her home until the white men return.
  • Karana builds her house on the headland.
  • Even though the native laws warning against women making weapons, Karana makes a new set of bow and arrows and a spear.
  • Karana watches the fight between the young and old bull, when she goes out looking for sea elephant teeth.
  • Karana sets a brush fire outside of the wild dogs' cave. She wounds the dog leader when he comes out of the cave.
  • Karana nurses the dog leader back to health and names him "Rontu."
  • Karana finds the necklace in front of the cave.
  • Karana meets Tutok, and they become friends.
  • She tells Tutok her secret name.
  • Karana makes a circlet for Tutok.
  • Karana is alone again on the island.
  • Karana rescues an otter from the kelp bed, and names the otter Mon-a-nee.
  • Mon-a-nee returns to the sea.
  • Karana nurses a wounded gull.
  • Karana meets with Mon-a-nee/Won-a-nee and her children.
  • A big earthquake hits the island.
  • The tidal waves crash over the island.
  • The white men return to the island, but Karana misses the boat.
  • Karana leaves the Island with missionaries.