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Island of the Blue Dolphins
Island of the Blue Dolphins
by Scott O'Dell
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Island of the Blue Dolphins Language and Communication Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

His voice echoed against the rock walls of the cove. The words were strange, unlike any I had ever heard. Slowly he spoke in our tongue.

"I come in peace and wish to parley," he said to the men on the shore. (1.29-30)

How does Karana view the Russians at first? Why is it important that the Russians speak her language?

Quote #2

"The sea is smooth," Ramo said. "It is a flat stone without any scratches."

My brother liked to pretend that one thing was another.

"The sea is not a stone without scratches," I said. "It is water and no waves." (1.6-8)

In this conversation, Ramo presents a metaphor: the sea is a smooth, flat stone. Karana, however, will not understand him. Why is this a problem?

Quote #3

I did not know how lonely I had been until I had Rontu to talk to. (16.13)

How does Karana's friendship with Rontu help to ease the loneliness she felt? Why is talking important for her?

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