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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Rontu Timeline and Summary

  • Wild dogs run around the island after the killings by the Aleuts.
  • The pack kills Ramo.
  • Karana follows the pack to their cave. That night, she promises to kill them.
  • The wild dogs hang out outside of Karana's new house on the headland.
  • Karana sets a brush fire outside of the wild dogs' cave.
  • Karana shoots the leader in the chest with an arrow. She then finds the wounded leader and nurses him back to health.
  • Karana names the leader "Rontu."
  • Rontu faces his former dog pack, and wins.
  • Rontu gets attacked by the devilfish.
  • Rontu walks the cliffs with Karana.
  • When the Aleuts return to town, Rontu meets up with his former owner, Tutok.
  • Rontu dies.