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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins


by Scott O'Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins Violence Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"There are scarcely a dozen left in the beds around Coral Cove," I said. "Before the Aleuts came there were many."

"Many still live in other places around our island," he replied, laughing at my foolishness. "When the hunters leave they will come back."

"There will be none left," I said. "The hunters will kill them all. This morning they hunt on the south. Next week they move to another place." (3.7-9)

Karana complains to her father about the hunters. They've thinned the island's population of otters, killing so many that there are only a few left. How do the hunters hurt the environment of the island?

Quote #2

I do not know what happened first, whether it was my father who raised his hand against the hunter whose path he barred, whether it was this man who stepped forward with a bale of pelts on his back and shoved my father aside. It all happened so quickly that I could not tell one act from the other. But as I jumped to my feet and Ulape screamed and other cries sounded along the cliff, I saw a figure lying on the rocks. It was my father and blood was on his face. Slowly he got to his feet. (4.45)

Chief Chowig is hit during an argument with Captain Orlov. What does this interaction say about each man's culture? Is it important that Karana can't seem to tell who even started the fight?

Quote #3

In the middle of the circle was Ramo. He was lying on his back, and had a deep wound in his throat. He lay very still. (8.43)

Why does the dog pack kill Ramo? What does Ramo represent? What does the dog pack represent?

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