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Fetyukov Timeline and Summary

  • Fetyukov guards Shukhov's breakfast for him in the morning.
  • He tries to scrounge a cigarette from Tsezar, but it's no go.
  • Fetyukov picks up cigarette butts before work starts and Buynovsky yells at him.
  • At the worksite Fetyukov keeps slacking off and Buynovsky yells at him.
  • He is caught by Pavlo sitting down when he should be working.
  • At lunch he tries to weasel in on the extra food that Shukhov scored, but doesn't get any.
  • That afternoon he slacks off and gets reassigned to a new task.
  • Later that evening Fetyukov is beaten for scrounging in the mess hall.
  • He goes to bed crying.

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