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One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Ivan Denisovich Shukhov Timeline and Summary

  • Shukhov wakes up and feels sick.
  • He gets punished by a warder for staying in bed late.
  • The warder makes Shukhov wash a floor in the wardens' office.
  • After this he goes to eat breakfast.
  • He returns to his hut to get ready for the work day.
  • Then he lines up outside with the rest of his work gang.
  • He manages to bum a cigarette butt off of Tsezar.
  • Gang 104 marches to the worksite.
  • After arriving they all chill by a stove for a bit.
  • Shukhov and Kildigs steal some tar paper for the Power Station.
  • Shukhov works on building a chimney for the stove in the Power Station.
  • The gang then breaks for lunch.
  • Shukhov steals two bowls at lunch and gets an extra portion.
  • He takes Tsezar his lunch.
  • After lunch he works on laying bricks for a wall.
  • Shukhov is nearly late lining up to march back to camp and people yell at him.
  • He has to wait with the others while the guards search for a missing prisoner.
  • Shukhov is very upset about getting back to camp late.
  • His gang makes decent time and gets to the checkpoint.
  • Shukhov forgets he has a steel piece on him.
  • He anxiously goes through the checkpoint with it and makes it through undetected.
  • Then he goes to pick up a package for Tsezar.
  • After this he heads to dinner.
  • He has some trouble finding his gang but he makes it inside.
  • Shukhov gets to eat Tsezar's dinner too.
  • He then goes to buy some tobacco.
  • Then he heads back to his hut.
  • He helps Tsezar manage his package during nightly roll call.
  • As thanks Tsezar gives him some food.
  • Shukhov shares some with Alyoshka.
  • He goes to sleep happy after his successful day.