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by Sir Walter Scott

Ivanhoe Chapter 18 Summary

  • This chapter's opening poem comes from our main man himself, Sir Walter Scott. The poem describes the Ettrick Forest in Scotland.
  • When Cedric sees Ivanhoe (a.k.a. the Disinherited Knight) fall down at the end of the tournament, he almost picks him up to take care of him.
  • But Cedric is too proud to acknowledge the son he disinherited so long ago in front of so many people.
  • Once the crowds clear a bit, Ivanhoe has already disappeared, and Cedric has no idea where he's gone.
  • Oswald, Cedric's attendant, recognizes Ivanhoe's servant as none other than Gurth, the pig-herder.
  • Cedric continues to be angry.
  • Rowena tries to soothe him, but Cedric goes on thinking that Ivanhoe is disobedient and ungrateful.
  • Rowena also refuses to go to Prince John's banquet with Cedric and Athelstane.
  • The banquet leaves Cedric in a really bad mood.
  • When Cedric returns from the banquet, he spots Gurth.
  • He immediately orders his men to put Gurth in chains to punish him for running away.
  • Cedric, Rowena, and Athelstane set out for a late supper with Abbot Waltheoff at the convent of Saint Withold.
  • As they leave the convent after having eaten, they see a bad omen: a large black dog.
  • Cedric recognizes the dog as Gurth's and throws a spear at it.
  • The dog is injured and runs away.
  • Gurth swears he will never have anything to do with Cedric again.
  • At the front of the group, Cedric and Athelstane talk about the future.
  • Cedric has decided that it will be necessary for Athelstane and Rowena to marry to restart the kingdom of the Saxons.
  • But Cedric also knows that Rowena is totally in love with Ivanhoe.
  • Cedric encourages Athelstane to woo Rowena, but Athelstane is too lazy.
  • Cedric hopes to influence Rowena, but she won't listen.
  • Cedric's temper is not improving with this trip into the forest.

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