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by Sir Walter Scott

Ivanhoe: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. "Forgive me, lady," replied WHOM; "the English monarch did indeed bring to Palestine a host of gallant warriors, second only to those whose breasts have been the unceasing bulwark of that blessed land." -> Richard
2. "The reception of this person in the hall of Cedric the Saxon was such as might have satisfied the most prejudiced enemy of the tribes of Israel." Who was this person? -> Cedric
3. Who said, "What thinkst thou of gaining fair lands and livings, by wedding a Saxon, after the fashion of the followers of the Conqueror?"? -> Prince John
4. Who said, "Tell me, dogs – is it my life or my wealth that your master aims at? Is it too much that two Saxons, myself and the noble Athelstane, should hold land in the country which was once the patrimony of our race?"? -> Bois-Guilbert
5. Who said, "On foot or horseback, with spear or with sword, I am alike ready to encounter thee."? -> Templar