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by Lewis Carroll

Jabberwocky Resources


Carroll's Photography

A selection of Carroll's (on this site referred to by his "real" name, Dodgson's) photos.

Lewis Carroll on VictorianWeb

Comprehensive, and a great "source for sources."


Michael Haynes Reads

The video isn't much to look at, but Haynes does a spectacular, creepy reading of the poem.


The Muppets perform the poem

Tiny Textual Short

An interesting rendering of part of the text


Images in the Text

This is actually a link to the whole text of Through the Looking Glass, but here's where to find the illustrations pertaining to "Jabberwocky" – between pages 18-19, and between 20-21. For Humpty-Dumpty's explanation of the first stanza, look to page 120.

Jabberwocky Chickens

A Jabberwocky cartoon!


The Alice Series
A collection of most of Carroll's writings about Alice and Wonderland, plus annotations, in one volume.

Movies & TV

The Disney Movie

You've probably seen it…

1999 Live-Action Movie

Alice in Wonderland, but not a cartoon.

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