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The Jackson Era Images

President Jackson

Andrew Jackson by Ralph Earl, 1835.

Rachel Donelson Jackson

Andrew Jackson's wife, by Ralph Earl, 1826.

Samuel Worcester

One of the Presbyterian missionaries to the Cherokees whose refusal to submit to Georgia state law led to Worcester v. Georgia—the Cherokees' 1832 Supreme Court victory.

The Little Magician

Martin Van Buren—the eighth president of the United States and, as a senator from New York, the politician largely responsible for building the Democratic Party of Andrew Jackson.

More Sex and Cigars in Washington

A cigar box commemorating Peggy O'Neale Eaton, the tavern-keeper turned Cabinet wife. On the left, President Andrew Jackson hands Eaton a rose; on the right, Secretary of War John Eaton defends her honor.

Chief Executioner

An anti-Jackson campaign poster condemning his violent past and character.

King Andrew I

An 1832 political cartoon attacking Andrew Jackson's expansion of executive powers.

John C. Calhoun

Andrew Jackson's vice-president (1829-1833) and opponent during the nullification crisis. This portrait was painted by Rembrandt Peale in 1834.

Old Hickory v. Bully Nick

A political cartoon satirizing the battle between President Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle, president of the Bank of the United States.

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