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Jamestown Images

Virginia Visionary

Sir Walter Raleigh by Nicholas Hilliard, ca. 1585.


Pocahontas and Thomas Rolfe. The authenticity of this portrait is questioned but some believe it was painted in England shortly before her death in 1617.

Anglo-Indian Princess

This engraving of Pocahontas was made during her visit to England in 1616.

Tobacco Advertising

Seventeenth century tobacco label.

The Persisting Fascination with Pocahontas

Consider this 1867 tobacco label in light of the product's early history in Virginia and the Anglo-American fascination with Pocahontas.

John Smith

This image by Simon de Passe was etched on a 1616 map of New England.

Period Map

John Smith's map of Virginia, 1612.

Governor Berkeley

Sir William Berkeley, the governor of Virginia from 1642 to 1652 and 1660 to 1677.

The Rebel

Nathaniel Bacon. Engraving by T. Chambars after a painting by Seipse.

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