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Jamestown Websites

Jamestown Revisited

'Virtual Jamestown' is an excellent and growing site offering primary sources (including the complete works of John Smith), interpretive essays, biographies of critical figures, maps, and artifact images.

Archeological Discoveries

'Jamestown Rediscovery' is a useful site for those interested in current archeological work at the site of the original Jamestown settlement. It provides archeological footprints, a progress report of the excavation, and images of recovered artifacts.

Jamestown's Women

The National Women's History 'Cyber Museum' includes an exhibit on the 'Women of Jamestown.' Several topics are briefly explored and a handful of useful images and documents are posted.

Indentured Ancestor?

Perhaps as many as 85 percent of Virginia's seventeenth-century immigrants arrived as indentured servants. This site provides information about how individuals might determine whether their ancestors were indentured servants.

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