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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre


by Charlotte Brontë

Jane Eyre Timeline and Summary

Jane Eyre Summary Video
  • Jane is living with her Aunt Reed and cousins at Gateshead, being bullied and tormented by John Reed in particular.
  • Jane finally can’t take it anymore and fights back against John.
  • Jane is locked in the "red room," the bedchamber where her uncle died, as a punishment, and has a traumatic, eerie experience.
  • Jane is sent to Lowood Institute, a religious school for orphan girls.
  • Jane studies hard and eventually becomes a teacher at Lowood.
  • Jane gets a spot of wanderlust and applies to be a governess.
  • Jane gets a job at Thornfield as the governess to a little French girl named Adèle Varens.
  • Jane meets the master of Thornfield, Mr. Rochester, and quickly falls in love with him.
  • Jane has a series of eerie experiences related to a mysterious locked room on the third floor of Thornfield and a creepy woman’s laugh that she hears coming from behind the door.
  • Mr. Rochester teases Jane by pretending to be interested in a local debutante, Blanche Ingram.
  • Jane goes back to Gateshead to tend Mrs. Reed on her deathbed.
  • Jane returns to Thornfield and eventually becomes engaged to Mr. Rochester.
  • Jane and Rochester’s wedding is interrupted by two men who reveal that Rochester is already married.
  • Jane leaves Thornfield and wanders alone on the moors, friendless and starving.
  • Arriving at Moor House, Jane is taken in by Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers.
  • After regaining her strength, Jane gets a job as a teacher in a village school in Morton and moves to her own cottage.
  • Jane discovers that she and the Rivers siblings are cousins and that she has inherited £20,000.
  • St. John Rivers asks Jane to marry him and go with him to India on a missionary trip.
  • Jane mysteriously hears Rochester calling her from a great distance.
  • Jane returns to Thornfield and marries Mr. Rochester.
  • Jane and Rochester have a son.