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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre


by Charlotte Brontë

St. John Rivers Timeline and Summary

  • St. John is living at Moor House with his sisters Diana and Mary; he works as the clergyman in the nearby town of Morton while preparing to go to India on a missionary trip.
  • St. John comes home one night to find a poor young woman begging on the doorstep of Moor House; he invites her in and lets his sisters give her something to eat and a bed for the night.
  • St. John gets to know this young woman – Jane Eyre. He arranges for her to teach a village girls’ school in Morton and to have a cottage.
  • St. John stifles his passion for local beauty Rosamond Oliver and asks Jane to marry him instead because she would be a better missionary’s wife. Jane refuses.
  • St. John pressures Jane to marry him for several weeks, but Jane continues refusing. Just as she’s about to give in, something changes her attitude and she resists.
  • St. John leaves Moor House and goes to Cambridge for two weeks to say goodbye to friends before leaving for India.
  • St. John returns to Moor House only to find that Jane is gone. He receives a letter from her saying that she has married Mr. Rochester.
  • St. John goes to India and undertakes his missionary work. After a long period of labor, he becomes sick in the extreme climate of India and expects to die soon.