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The Jefferson Presidency Music

Various Artists, Music of the Federal Era (2000)

A fantastic collection of late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century compositions performed on rare instruments crafted during the period, it includes an array of classic marches, hymns, and dance melodies.

The Itinerant Band, Jefferson and Liberty (2001)

The Itinerant Band plays both period and modern instruments on this lively sampling of early republic classics inspired by the political career of Thomas Jefferson.

Hesperus, Early American Roots (1997)

An exciting offering from the Hesperus Early Music Ensemble, this disc includes twenty-two performances based on eighteenth century ballads, hymns, and cotillion tunes. See of you can pick out the unique sounds of baroque violins, recorders, violas da gamba, and other period instruments.

Barry Phillips, The World Turned Upside Down (1992)

Barry Phillips’s collection of popular music from the Revolutionary and Federalist eras includes quaint folk songs, lively dance tunes, and other elegant compositions played in homes, taverns, and even on the war front.

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