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The Jefferson Presidency

The Jefferson Presidency

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1. In what role did Thomas Jefferson first play in national politics?
2. For what state did Thomas Jefferson serve as governor between 1779 and 1781?

3. Who did Thomas Jefferson blame for corrupting the administration of George Washington and compromising the goals of America's war for independence?
4. What position did Thomas Jefferson hold during George Washington's first term as president?

5. What was the "revolution of 1800"?


1. As a delegate to the Second Continental Congress in 1775.
2. Virginia.
3. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton.
4. Secretary of State.
5. Thomas Jefferson used this phrase to refer to the presidential election of 1800, in which he won.  He used the term "revolution," but he actually meant "re-revolution," in that he meant it to be the restoration of the course set during the American Revolution.