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Dr. Henry Jekyll Timeline and Summary

  • *This timeline is based on Dr. Jekyll’s final account.
  • Dr. Jekyll lives a comfortably well-off, respectable life, but he has hidden desires for pleasure and sin.
  • He becomes convinced that man has a dual nature, best described as good and evil.
  • In his laboratory, he experiments with a number of potions designed to separate these two natures.
  • He succeeds in creating a potion that transforms him into evil Mr. Hyde, and vice versa.
  • For a while, he maintains a respectable existence as Dr. Jekyll and a disreputable existence as Mr. Hyde.
  • Mr. Hyde commits several violent crimes, leading to Dr. Jekyll renouncing the life of Mr. Hyde.
  • But Dr. Jekyll can’t help himself. In his own persona, he commits some sin that "destroys the balance of his soul."
  • Dr. Jekyll grows weaker; Mr. Hyde grows stronger. Finally the transformations begin occurring without the potions, whenever Dr. Jekyll’s mind turns to evil thoughts.
  • In despair, Dr. Jekyll locks himself in his laboratory and keeps trying to transform his body back.
  • He runs out of potion, and sends his servants around town for more supplies, but he can’t seem to duplicate his original potion.
  • Dr. Jekyll pens his confession right before (presumably) Mr. Hyde takes full control of his body. Or possibly right before he kills himself and Hyde.

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