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Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mr. Edward Hyde Timeline and Summary

  • *This is based on Dr. Jekyll’s final account.
  • At some unknown point in time, Mr. Hyde comes to life when Dr. Jekyll drinks a special potion.
  • For a time, Mr. Hyde comes to life whenever Dr. Jekyll doesn’t feel like being respectable.
  • Mr. Hyde participates in "undignified" pleasures that soon turned to the "monstrous."
  • Then he tramples the child, witnessed by Mr. Enfield.
  • He writes a check in Dr. Jekyll’s name, then opens a bank account for himself – the signature is merely Dr. Jekyll’s handwriting, sloped backwards.
  • Two months before the murder of Sir Danvers, Dr. Jekyll goes to bed and then awakes as Mr. Hyde.
  • Dr. Jekyll notes that Mr. Hyde’s body has been growing larger, as if from "a more generous tide of blood." He is also stronger-willed.
  • For two months, Dr. Jekyll refrains from drinking the potion, and Mr. Hyde remains hidden.
  • In a moment of "moral weakness," Dr. Jekyll drinks the potion and Mr. Hyde emerges stronger than ever. The beast is out of the cage.
  • When a passerby stops him, Mr. Hyde beats the man to death.
  • Dr. Jekyll resolves to lay Mr. Hyde to rest forever, but commits some sin that "tips the balance of his soul" towards evil.
  • Mr. Hyde takes control of Dr. Jekyll’s body one day at Regent’s Park.
  • Away from his potions and a wanted man for murder, Mr. Hyde runs into a hotel and stays there after penning messages to Dr. Jekyll’s friend (Dr. Lanyon) and Dr. Jekyll’s butler, delivering a complex series of instructions.
  • Mr. Hyde goes to Dr. Lanyon’s house to get the potion.
  • Warning Dr. Lanyon that he is about to see something extraordinary, Mr. Hyde drinks the potion and transforms into Dr. Jekyll.
  • The next morning, Dr. Jekyll is relieved and walking in his courtyard, on his way to the laboratory, when he again transforms into Mr. Hyde.
  • It takes a double dose to recall Dr. Jekyll.
  • Six hours later, Mr. Hyde again takes over.
  • From that point on, Mr. Hyde is the dominant personality, and Dr. Jekyll struggles helplessly to assert himself.
  • At this point Dr. Jekyll realizes that Mr. Hyde is afraid of death, and that only fear of the gallows allows Dr. Jekyll to resume his identity.
  • However, because Dr. Jekyll really dislikes Mr. Hyde at this point, Mr. Hyde begins to really hate Dr. Jekyll.
  • Mr. Hyde plays lots of tricks on Dr. Jekyll, like defacing his favorite books and burning his letters.
  • But since Mr. Hyde is afraid to die, he fears that Dr. Jekyll will simply commit suicide. Because of this, Dr. Jekyll pities Mr. Hyde.
  • Because Dr. Jekyll runs out of potion, Mr. Hyde is given full rein.
  • Mr. Hyde eventually kills himself, and is found (dead) by Mr. Utterson and Poole.

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