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Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


by Robert Louis Stevenson

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Resources

Movie or TV Productions

1931 Movie

For this movie, Frederic March won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

1941 Movie

This movie was nominated for three Oscars and has some great actors, including Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman.

1968 TV Movie

This made for TV movie was nominated for two Emmys.

1971 Movie

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde is a spin-off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde feature a sex change from a male scientist into a beautiful, evil woman.

1973 TV Movie

A made-for-TV musical.

1981 Movie

This movie has a lot to brag about: it won an award for "Best Television Lighting."

1981 Movie

This is an animated version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from Australia.

1996 Movie

Mary Reilly is a spin-off on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It tells the classic story from the point of view of a housemaid, Mary Reilly (played by Julia Roberts), who is in love with Dr. Jekyll (John Malkovich).

1999 Movie

A made for TV spin-off on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde about martial arts fighting in Hong Kong.

2001 TV Movie

Yet another Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde musical. This one stars David Hasselhoff as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.


A 1920 Version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Could this be any more dramatic? No. Yay silent movies.

A Dramatic Trailer

A suspenseful trailer.


Audio Book
Free audio book download.


A Scene From the Book

So that’s what they meant when they said "deformed."


An awesome picture of Mr. Hyde.

Another Cartoon

This one is great too.

The Author

Robert Louis Stevenson

Judging the Book By Its Cover

An interesting cover


Into Allusions?
This is a super helpful resource explaining Biblical, contemporary, and classical allusions in the novel.

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