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The Jew of Malta

The Jew of Malta


by Christopher Marlowe

The Jew of Malta Act 4, Scene 4 Summary

  • Bellamira and Ithamore are chilling at her place, drinking and pledging their devotion to each other (real on Ithamore's part, fake on Bellamira's), while Pilia-Borza looks on.
  • Ithamore brags to Bellamira about how he and Barabas are responsible for the deaths of Lodowick, Mathias, the nuns and friar Bernadine.
  • Because regaling your lady friend with a laundry list of your heinous crimes is a tried and true dating tactic.
  • Hark, a French musician has dropped by! Mais non! It's actually Barabas in disguise.
  • Bellamira really likes the bouquet of flowers that the French musician (ahem, Barabas) is carrying, and asks to have them.
  • Barabas is happy to comply. Why? Because, kids, poisoned flowers. That's right. Their scent is deadly. They are, like, anthrax daisies.
  • Barabas plays the lute for them whileaping a hilarious French accent and listening to them trash-talk Barabas.
  • After the French-musician-ahem-Barabas leaves, Ithamore tells Pilia-Borza to go back to Barabas and demand 1,000 crowns, instructing him to threaten to reveal Barabas's crimes if he doesn't pay.

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