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The Jew of Malta

The Jew of Malta


by Christopher Marlowe

The Jew of Malta Resources


The Marlowe Society

What? Of course Marlowe has his own society. This is a particularly nice one, complete with critical essays and related books.


Another really nifty website with lots of information about Marlowe's life and work that also includes a section for essays written on Marlowe stuff and links to the complete texts of his works.

Virtual Printing Press

The Gutenberg Project has an e-text, but you'll probably still want to check out an edition with footnotes.

Movie or TV Production

A Sleeper Hit

Douglas Morse's 2012 movie version of the play.

Articles and Interviews

Douglas Morse Speaks

Douglas Morse talks about his film production of The Jew of Malta.

Man or Monster?

The Jew of Malta and The Merchant of Venice are frequently paired productions; here's a New York Times review a 2007 production. (It pans the director's attempt to make Barabas a man, instead of a monster.)

Try It Again

Peter Zadek's 2009 production is a good example of how people have gone in interesting directions with the staging of this play to show how The Jew of Malta confronts modern problems.


Yeah, I'm Bad

See a clip featuring Barabas's "How Bad Am I? Real Bad" speech, from Douglas Morse's production

Well, It's Not Spielberg

Here's the trailer for Morse's production.Yeah, it's a little low-budget, but it does the trick.


Pull Out Those Ear Buds

Nifty recording of the entire play; we've linked directly to the first Act. Machiavel starts at about :22.


Because Christopher Marlowe's Worth It

A portrait of the man himself, Christopher Marlowe. We're mostly wondering what conditioner he uses.

Title Page

The 1633 quarto's title page.

Dress Up!

To get an idea of what the characters might look like, here are some costume design sketches that were made for a 1991 production.

The Siege, Matteo Perez d'Alecci

Here's one of Matteo Perez d'Alecci's 16th century frescos depicting the siege. What you should be taking note of here: Turks. Many, many Turks.

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