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John F. Kennedy Movies & TV

Crisis—Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963)

This 53-minute documentary presents footage of Jack and Bobby handling a 1963 conflict with Governor George Wallace at the University of Alabama. The video showcases the decision-making processes that characterized the Kennedy White House.

Image of an Assassination—A New Look at the Zapruder Film (1998)

Zapruder's infamous footage of the Kennedy assassination is presented here in frame-by-frame detail. The DVD provides a timeline for the events of November 22nd as well as background information on the history of Zapruder's video recording.

JFK (1991)

For a semi-biographical take on Kennedy's presidency and assassination, Oliver Stone's 1991 three-hour film is surprisingly engaging, disturbing, and thought provoking.

JFK—A Presidency Revealed (2003)

The History Channel's well-received documentary examines all aspects of John F. Kennedy: his personal life, his political struggles, his health, and his tragic death. With interviews from government officials and historians alike, this is a documentary tailor-made for JFK fanatics.

Thirteen Days (2000)

If you'd like to revisit the Cuban Missile Crisis as a political thriller starring Kevin Costner, rent this. Though the director takes some creative license with the plot, the film stays mostly true to actual events.

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