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by John Lennon

Video & Audio

Interview With John Lennon's Assassin

Barbara Walters goes to the prison where they hold Mark David Chapman and asks him to recall the night he did it. When she asks him why, he says "I thought I would acquire his fame." What a mess of a guy.

John and Yoko's Bed-In

This was their non-violent protest against war. The media flocked to it, thinking they were going to get footage of the pair having sex, but instead all they got was the two of them sitting in bed and talking about peace. The video isn't in English, but you'll get the message.

John and Yoko: "Give Peace a Chance"

One of their collaborative records protesting against violence. "Stay in bed and grow your hair"

"War is Over, Happy Christmas"

A mini-doc following one of John and Yoko's most famous peace campaigns.

"Imagine Peace Tower"

A mini-doc that follows Yoko in 2007 as she unveils the tower of light in Iceland. It is intended to be an eternal monument for her deceased husband and a message of peace and unity for the whole world.


Official video, the film features John and Yoko walking together, showing the world the deep love they have for one another and their message of peace. It gained immense popularity worldwide and continues to have a profound impact on its listener's today.

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