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by John Lennon


John Lennon: Official Site

Everything you need to know about the man.

The Playboy Interview: 1980

We have quoted this interview of John and Yoko over and over because it contains so much insight into his thoughts and the rest of the band. Read it, you won't be disappointed.

New York Magazine: The Death and Life of John Lennon

A touching and well-written article detailing the biography of Lennon and the appalling news of his assassination that rocked an entire generation of people.

1968 Rolling Stone Interview with John Lennon, by Jonathan Cott

Covers The White Album and Two Virgins, among other subjects.

1980 Rolling Stone Interview, by Jonathan Cott

The one with the famous cover where he's holding Yoko as if he's a baby. Conducted just three days before his death on December 9, the interview captures John at his most philosophical, on life, love, feminism, peace, and the future.

1975 Rolling Stone Interview: A Conversation with John Lennon by Pete Hamill

Some hard-hitting questions about the other band members, Yoko, and his past.

100 Acorns

Yoko Ono's blog of experimental, instructional poems, upon which "Imagine" is based. She wrote these poems back in the sixties and her first collection is what got John totally hooked on her after their initial meeting in the art gallery.

Imagine Peace

A website/blog dedicated to John and Yoko, created by Ono after his death. This particular linked page contains many more links that are relevant to the John and Yoko mission. It is also here where you can send wishes to be hung around the peace tower in Iceland.

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