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John Milton
John Milton
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John Milton Family

Who begat whom, again?

Father: John Milton (1562-1647)
Mother: Sara Jeffrey Milton (c. 1572-1637)
Sister: Anne Milton (c. 1604-?)
Sister: Sara Milton (1612)
Sister: Tabitha Milton (1614-1615)
Sister: Christopher Milton (1615-1691)

Wife 1: Mary Powell (1625-1652) married 1642-1652
Daughter: Anne Milton (1646-?)
Daughter: Mary Milton (1648-?)
Son: John Milton (1651-1652)
Daughter: Deborah Milton (1652-?)

Wife 2: Katherine Woodcock (?-1658) married 1656-1658
Daughter: Katherine Milton (1657-1658)

Wife 3: Elizabeth Minshell (1638-?) married 1663-1674

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