John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck
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John Steinbeck Family

Who begat whom, again?

Father: John Ernest Steinbeck (1863-1935)
Mother: Olive Hamilton Steinbeck (1867-1934)
Sister: Elizabeth Steinbeck Ainsworth (1894-1992)
Sister: Esther Steinbeck Rodgers (1892-1986)
Sister: Mary Steinbeck Dekker (1905-1965)

Wife 1: Carol Henning Steinbeck Brown (?-1983), married 1930, divorced 1942

Wife 2: Gwyndolyn Conger Steinbeck (?-1975), married 1943, divorced 1948
Son: Thomas Myles Steinbeck (b. 1944)
Son: John Steinbeck IV (1946-1991)

Wife 3: Elaine Anderson Scott Steinbeck (1914-2003), married 1950

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