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John Steinbeck Images

John Steinbeck

A portrait of the writer.

John Steinbeck

An up-close, intimate portrait.

Dust Bowl Family

Dorothea Lange's iconic Dust Bowl photograph

Dust Storm

Photograph of Dust Bowl storm

Migrant Workers

Photograph of agricultural workers in Depression-era Salinas, California.

Steinbeck Family Portrait

Steinbeck with his two sons and second wife Gwyndolyn.

Steinbeck and Charley

A photograph of the writer and the pet poodle that accompanied him on his cross-country road trip.

Steinbeck Birthplace

Steinbeck's childhood home is now a museum.

Nobel Prize

A photograph of Steinbeck accepting the Nobel Prize.

The Grapes of Wrath

Dust jacket of the first edition.

East of Eden

Dust jacket of the first edition.

Of Mice and Men

Dust jacket of the first edition.

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