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Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode


by Chuck Berry

Video & Audio

"Johnny B. Goode" Live in 1958

Berry's young charm comes through clear in this video. Also, get a bit of Keith Richards and other stars riffing on their love for "Johnny B. Goode."

Chuck Berry and John Lennon Live

A slightly less sharp rendition of "Johnny B. Goode" is nonetheless awesome, because John Lennon is singing along.

Berry in the 1960s

Rocking out complete with dancing girls.

Back to the Future "Johnny B. Goode" cover

Did anyone notice that the 1985 cult film includes a great "Johnny B. Goode" scene? Okay, if you didn't notice, you were probably sleeping through the film.

Judas Priest "Johnny B. Goode"

This metal version of the song charted in the late 1980s. Judas Priest totally took it there, and there is even stage-diving and moshing in the video.

Mos Def singing as Chuck Berry in "Cadillac Records"

Mos gives a flattering performance, and the film stresses Berry's role in desegregating the music world.

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