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Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain


Esther Forbes

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Johnny Tremain Characters

Meet the Cast

Johnny Tremain/Jonathan Lyte Tremain

Obvs, Johnny is the most important character in the novel. And while the book is named after him, Johnny does a pretty good job of summing up his all-star status by himself: "The two youngest Lapha...

Priscilla "Cilla" Lapham

Okay, so an argument could be made that Rab Silsbee is the next most important character, but our vote is for Cilla. Here's why.She's ThereBeing there—being present when needed—is a huge part o...

Rab Silsbee

Rab, the printer's apprentice at the Boston Observer, becomes Johnny's best friend.The Big BrotherRab is the big brother Johnny never had and never knew he needed, and even though Rab is also an on...

Isannah Lapham

The Drama QueenIsannah is Mrs. Lapham's youngest daughter and Cilla's little sister.We'll say this for little Isannah Lapham: she makes a big splash. Whether she's saying the catechism to clergymen...

Jonathan Lyte

Not Your Average Daddy WarbucksJonathan Lyte, usually called Merchant Lyte or Mr. Lyte, is that rich old relative everybody wants to swoop in and save the day. He's Johnny's grandfather's elder bro...

Lavinia Lyte

She Could've Been in Mean GirlsLavinia Lyte, usually referred to as Miss Lavinia or Miss Lyte, is the most beautiful woman in Boston—and she knows it—and Johnny's mother's first cousin.Lavinia...


There's a Reason it's not Eagle or War HawkOh, Dove. Dove, Dove, Dove.Like Johnny, we feel Dove isn't worth the energy it takes to hate him. First, he's the apprentice Johnny loves to bully because...


Gobblin' Apples All DayGoblin is Johnny's horse, and he's significant to the novel because of the many ways he and Johnny are alike. He's like the animal version of Johnny—just let us count the w...

Minor Fictional Characters

Dorcas Lapham: Elegance DeniedDorcas is the second Lapham daughter. "Poor Dorcas thirsted for elegance" (1.1.49), but she eventually elopes with Frizel, Junior, a tailor, when her mother tells her...

Major Historical Characters

Check out the links we've provided in the plot summary to find out more about who these guys really were. Here, it's all about how they function in Johnny Tremain.Doctor Joseph WarrenDoctor Joseph...

Minor Historical Characters

Billy DawesBilly Dawes is the other rider (besides Paul Revere) who leaves Boston with news of British troop movements. He is described as a gifted actor and rider.Colonel Francis SmithColonel Smit...
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