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Interview with Jormungand (Jörmungandr)

Jormungand's Formspring

The Ocean, Middle-Earth

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Jormungand's Bio
Slitherer. Sleeper. Whale-Eater.


Jormungand responded to Formspring.
Q: If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be?

A: Someplace warm, with lots of rocks for sunning, and lotsss of big and tasty whales within ssslithering distance. And NO THOR to bother me. Australia, maybe?

(1 smile, from Nidhögg)

Q: Do you get along with your siblings?

A: Well, I haven't seen them since Odin threw me in the ocean. Hel lives in the underworld and Fenrir's all tied up at the moment. But my half-brother Narfi sometimes comes to visit me. He's all right. A little too hot-blooded if you ask me.

Q: Did you hear that Thor ate a whole ox at Freyja's banquet last week? Are you worried he'll out-eat you?

A: As far as I know, Thor has never eaten a whole whale in one sitting. So, no. He might out-drink me, though. I once saw him just about drain the ocean near Utgardsloki's house.

[One smile from ThunderingHammer (Thor)]

Jormungand responded to CatLady (Freyja)
Q: Do you know anything about Njord and Skadi's separation? Who's to blame?

A: Njord's a stand-up guy: He keeps the seagulls from disturbing me when I'm hibernating. I guess he couldn't do the same for Skadi, though. It's too bad, but I'm not surprised. Not everybody is as well-adapted to ocean life as I am.

Q: Are you scared of the dark?

A: I'm not scared of anything. I'm bigger than everyone I know, and I have poisonous fangs.

Jormungand responded to Netflix
Q: Which summer movie are you planning to see in theatres?

A: I hate movie theatres. Too cold, and the seats are too small. But if I were going
go to a movie, it would be something that stars my dad.

(1 smile, from TroublemakingTrickster [Loki])

Q: What's your pet peeve?

A: Thor pulling my tail. Or hooking me on a fishing line.

Jormungand responded to Formspring
Q: What's your favorite way to spend a day?

A: Eat whale. Sleep on sunny rock while digesting whale.

Q: Have you heard the Völuspá's prophecy? Do you really think you'll kill Thor during Valhalla?

A: I wouldn't put it past me. It depends on how hungry I'm feeling, and whether or not Thor provokes me. And he has provoked me many times before! If you're asking whether or not I can kill Thor during Valhalla, then the answer is most definitely, yes.

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