The Joy Luck Club
The Joy Luck Club
by Amy Tan

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Movie or TV Productions

1993 Movie
The only film version of The Joy Luck Club.


Movie Clip

Check out this clip of the women sitting around a mah jong table.

Movie Clip

This is the scene where Rose meets her future husband’s family.


An interview with Amy Tan in which she talks about her family, among other topics.


Mothers and Daughters

Amy Tan and her own mother in 1989.

Tan and Her Husband

Amy Tan and her husband… wonder if that’s what Harold or Ted looks like?


An Interview With the Author

Interview with Amy Tan. She answers a variety of questions about her family, role models, being a writer, and more.

Tan’s Official Website

Amy Tan’s own website. This site includes a Q&A section as well as a biography, and a lot more.

Author Biography

A biography of Amy Tan on the Academy of Achievement’s website.

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