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Nwokocha Agbadi Timeline and Summary

  • Agbadi is hurt in a hunting accident. He spends some months recovering, attended to by his lover Ona.
  • Ona and Agbadi strike a deal: if Ona has a girl, it will belong to Agbadi (Ona's father).
  • Agbadi convinces Ona to move to his compound after her father's death, when it becomes apparent that Nnu Ego needs to be near her chi's shrine.
  • Agbadi arranges Nnu Ego's first marriage, and sends her off with wealthy gifts.
  • Agbadi welcomes Nnu Ego back when her first marriage turns sour. After she has recovered physically, he arranges a second marriage.
  • Agbadi dies, but waits until Nnu Ego arrives from Lagos before departing all the way. He is speaking to the love of his life, Ona, as he dies.

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