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Jude the Obscure
Jude the Obscure
by Thomas Hardy
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Jude the Obscure Education Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

'The boy is crazy for books.' (1.2.6)

Hey, there are worse things to be crazy about. Jude's desire to learn even at a very young age gives us a good idea of what he's all about from the start of the novel. However, it's presented as being something odd. The boy is not like many of those from his rural background.

Quote #2

'His cousin Sue is just the same.' (1.2.6)

Okay, this is a continuation of the first quote, but it deserves its own spot. Look at how early Hardy connects Jude and Sue. They have no idea who the other is, and the readers have no idea who Sue is at all, really, but Hardy lays the groundwork for what is to come chapters and chapters before Sue even appears in the novel. The connection between the two is the desire to learn. This is classic foreshadowing, and a lovely little literary touch from Mr. Hardy.

Quote #3

'You'd have to get your head screwed on t'other way before you could read what they read there.' (1.3.34)

Is that a challenge? Because it sounds kind of like a challenge. At least, that's how Jude takes it. He's in awe of Christminster, but he's committed to making it there.

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