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Jude the Obscure
Jude the Obscure
by Thomas Hardy
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Jude the Obscure Gender Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Half an hour later they all lay in their cubicles, their tender feminine faces upturned to the flaring gas-jets which at intervals stretched down the long dormitories, every face bearing the legend 'The Weaker' upon it, as the penalty of the sex wherein they were moulded, which by no possible exertion of their willing hearts and abilities could be made stronger while the inexorable laws of nature remain what they are. (3.3.5)

This is what Sue and her fellow female students have to deal with on a daily basis. They are to be constantly reminded that they are weaker than their male counterparts. Not cool.

Quote #2

'Yet what nonsense! They are only a woman's clothes—sexless cloth and linen' (3.3.48)

Sue's wet clothes hang in Jude's lodging. At the time, this would have been 'odd' and even a little scandalous. Luckily, Sue is here to point out how ridiculous it is. 'They are just clothes, people. Everybody calm down.' Okay, she doesn't say that, but it's pretty much what she's thinking.

Quote #3

'I have no fear of men, as such, nor their books.' (3.4.25)

This is one of those moments that leads people to call Sue one of the first feminist characters in literature. She doesn't get intimidated by the scholarly works of the men around her, preferring to argue her own views instead of accepting the words of men as law.

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