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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves Admiration Quotes

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Quote #7

Naka and Kapugen were on their hands and knees, prancing lightly, moving swiftly. When Naka tapped Kapugen's chin with his head, Kapugen rose to his knees. He threw back his head, then rocked back on his heels. Naka sat up and together they sang the song of the wolves. (2.11)

Kapugen teaches Miyax at a young age to respect the wolves. So it's quite hypocritical, then, that later he hunts them from airplanes.

Quote #8

"But he is wealthy in the Eskimo sense – intelligent, fearless, full of love – and he soon became a leader of Kangik." (3.210)

All of Miyax's dreams are coming true. Her father is still alive, and from the sound of it, he's exactly the wonderful man she remembers. Or is he?

Quote #9

There was so much she could do for this great hunter now; prepare caribou, catch rabbits, pluck birds, and even make tools with water and the freezing air. She would be very useful to him and they would live as they were meant to live – with the cold and the birds and the beasts. (3.229)

One reason Miyax admires her father so much is that, as far as she knows, he stays true to his traditional Eskimo roots. After her time on the tundra, she has learned to stay true to them, too.

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