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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves Family Quotes

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Quote #4

When Amaroq was but five feet away and she could see each hair on his long fine nose, he gave the grunt-whine. He was calling her! (1.184)

This is a key moment for our girl. Not only has she been accepted into the pack, but they actually want her company. She's in with the in crowd.

Quote #5

The fog thickened and, like an eraser on a blackboard, wiped out Amaroq and Silver and the tip of Kapu's tail. She cuddled closer to Kapu, wondering if Amaroq would hunt tonight. After a long time she decided he would not – his family was content and well fed. Not she, however; two drops of milk were scarcely life-sustaining. (1.199)

Here's a sad reminder of Miyax's real state of affairs. Despite the fact that Amaroq and the other wolves have welcomed her into the pack, she can never truly be one of them. She is completely and utterly human.

Quote #6

Scrambling to her feet she watched the pack run along the horizon, a flowing line of magnificent beasts, all cooperating for the sake of each other, all wholly content – except Jello. He ran head down, low to the ground – in the manner of the lone wolf. (1.256)

Uh oh. A fracture in the wolf family. This is bad for Jello, sure, but it might also be a problem for our girl Miyax, whose position in the wolf pack is by no means solid.

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