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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves Family Quotes

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Quote #7

Later, Kapugen's Aunt Martha told her that he had lost his mind the day her mother died. He had grabbed Miyax up and walked out of his fine house in Mekoryuk. He had left his important job as manager of the reindeer herd, and he had left all his possessions. (2.4)

Miyax didn't grow up in the most awesome of family situations. Her mother has died and her father can't quite handle that loss. Nevertheless, Miyax loves her father fiercely, and is as loyal to him as Kapu is to Amaroq.

Quote #8

"Wolves are brotherly," he said. "They love each other, and if you learn to speak to them, they will love you too." (2.14)

Two worlds collide in this one. Kapugen, Miyax's only family, tells her about wolf families, which will later come to shape the course of Miyax's future. It's like reverse-foreshadowing.

Quote #9

Footsteps crunched, the cold air rushed in the door, and there was Martha, Kapugen's aunt. She was thin and her face was pinched. Miyax disliked her immediately, but was spared the necessity of speaking nicely to her, for Martha had words only for Kapugen. (2.29)

Martha's like the awful aunt that no one wants to talk to, but we have to deal with because she's family. Only for Miyax it's worse. She doesn't have to endure a pinched cheek once a year at Christmas. She has to live with her awful aunt.

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