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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves Family Quotes

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Quote #1

Any fear Miyax had of the wolves was dispelled by their affection for each other. They were friendly animals and so devoted to Amaroq that she needed only to be accepted by him to be accepted by all. (1.52)

It's clear that the wolves are all about being a loving family. Of course it's a much larger family than Miyax is used to, but hey, it'll have to do.

Quote #2

As his eyes softened, the sweet odor of ambrosia arose from the gland on top of his tail and she was drenched lightly in wolf scent. Miyax was one of the pack. (1.83)

Phew! What started out as a potentially terrifying moment with Amaroq turns out to be one of the most important moments in Miyax's young life. She's done it: she's officially a member of the wolf family.

Quote #3

There was much to learn about her family. (1.93)

Miyax could just as easily say this when she moves in with Martha, or when she goes to live with Daniel, Nusan, and Naka in Barrow. But none of those people are truly her family; only the wolves are.

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