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Julie of the Wolves
Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George
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Julie of the Wolves The Home Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

As the months passed, the letters from Amy became the most important thing in Julie's life and the house in San Francisco grew more real than the house in Barrow. (2.96)

Perhaps she might find a home with Amy in San Francisco? Well, we're not holding out much hope, because – let's face it – these girls have never even met.

Quote #5

The little house in Barrow became home as Julie fitted into Nusan's routine, and summer was upon the land before she knew it. (2.113)

Another temporary home for Julie. This home is particularly tragic because Julie totally tries to make it work, despite the terrible situation. But in the end, our girl just can't fit in here, no matter how hard she tries.

Quote #6

At the top of her frost heave, she froze in her tracks. Her house was crushed in and her sleeping skins were torn and strewn over the grass. The meat she had laid out on the grass was gone. Her icebox was opened and empty. (3.6)

Here's a key lesson for our young heroine. Houses are surprisingly fragile. But as long as she has her tools, she can make a house just about anywhere. Will she be able to make a home so easily, wherever she winds up?

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