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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Julie of the Wolves The Home Quotes

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Quote #7

To amuse herself she thought of the hill where the white house stood in San Francisco. When it seemed almost real enough to touch, and very beautiful, it vanished abruptly; for the tundra was even more beautiful – a glistening gold, and its shadows were purple and blue. Lemon-yellow clouds sailed a green sky and every wind-tossed sedge was a silver thread. (3.54)

For so long, Miyax has been relying on her dream of Amy's house to keep her going. But for the first time, she realizes that she's got an even better set-up right here on the North Slope. Now that's an epiphany.

Quote #8

"The pink room is red with your blood," she said. "I cannot go there. But where can I go? Not back to Barrow and Daniel. Not back to Nunivak and Martha… and you cannot take care of me anymore." (3.166)

What a sad, sad moment. Amaroq's death has made her realize something awful: Miyax hardly belongs anywhere anymore.

Quote #9

The next day she took out her man's knife and cut blocks of snow. These she stacked and shaped into a house that was generously large. If she was going to live as the Eskimos once lived, she needed a home, not just a camp. (3.185)

Like her first sod house, this ice house is only temporary. But her intentions are much more permanent. This is the first time we see Miyax making the effort to stick things out on the tundra. She's trying to make her own home.

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