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Julie of the Wolves
Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George
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Julie of the Wolves Identity Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

"Julie is gone," she said. "I am Miyax now." (2.141)

What brings on this change? Daniel's attack, of course. After everything she's experienced in Barrow and Mekoryuk, where she will always be Julie, Miyax knows that life in an Alaskan town is simply not for her. At least she's figured out that much. The rest of her soul-searching will just have to wait.

Quote #8

She leaped lightly up the bank and onto the tundra. Her stride opened wider and wider, for she was on her way to San Francisco. (2.141-142)

Miyax has a purpose, and what greater way to develop a sense of self than to have a goal and work towards it? We are, after all, what we do.

Quote #9

She knew what she had to do. Live like an Eskimo – hunt and carve and be with Tornait. (3.185)

Okay, now she's got a new goal. She's no longer San Francisco-bound. She's… home.

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