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Julie of the Wolves
Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George
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Julie of the Wolves Isolation Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

The wind blew across the water, shattering the tips of the waves and shooting ice-sparklets north with the storm. "Kapugen!" she called. No one answered. Kapugen was gone. The earth was empty and bleak. (2.42)

Sometimes it really seems like Miyax is just destined to lose everyone she cares about. Let's tally it up, shall we? Her mother, Kapugen, Amaroq, Tornait. The list goes on.

Quote #5

She walked to the beach, climbed onto the ice, and looked back. No one was on the street but a single tourist who was photographing the sun in the sky. His back was to her. (2.140)

How courageous our heroine must be, if she's willing to brave the Alaskan wilderness all by herself.

Quote #6

"Amaroq," she called again, then ran down the slope and climbed to the wolf den. The site was silent and eerie and the puppies' playground was speckled with bleached bones like tombstones in a graveyard. (3.2)

What an image. The wolves of course have not died; they've only left Miyax behind. But nevertheless, their departure is chilling.

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