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Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves


by Jean Craighead George

Jello Timeline and Summary

  • Jello is the low man on the totem pole. This much we know from the fact that he's basically a babysitter for the pups, while the other adult wolves go out on the hunt.
  • Even though it clearly tires him out, he's forced to roughhouse with the pups to keep them busy,
  • A tense relationship develops between Jello and Miyax. She tells him (in wolf language) that she's the boss, but they compete for food. The two have a dispute over the caribou the other wolves have killed, and at the end of Part 2, Jello steals all her food. Not cool, Jello!
  • He leaves with the pack to start their nomadic winter life, but it's clear he's barely a member of the group anymore.
  • Early on in their winter travels, Jello steals Miyax's pack, with all her food and supplies in it. He needs food just as much as she does, after all.
  • This turns out to be a terrible idea. Because he threatened Miyax's safety, Amaroq and the rest of the pack turn on Jello and rip him to shreds, resulting in his death. The message is clear: don't mess with Miyax.