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Antony Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2: At the Feast of the Lupercal Antony runs around in a goatskin g-string and whips Caesar's wife, Calphurnia, to ensure her fertility. (Seriously.) He then sucks up to Julius Caesar and listens attentively while big JC talks trash about Cassius (who always looks like he's up to no good).
  • 3.2: After Julius Caesar is stabbed 33 times, Antony shows up and makes a big public speech about how awesome Caesar was. The crowd eats this up and seems ready to avenge Caesar's death.
  • 3.2: Antony is pleased when he hears that Octavius has arrived in Rome and that Cassius and Brutus have run away like a couple of sissies.
  • 4.1: Antony checks his hit list, which is made up the names of a bunch of people he intends to kill with the help of Octavius and Lepidus. Antony convinces Lepidus to have his own brother killed, then sends him off on an errand to raise some cash for a big war against Cassius and Brutus, who have raised an army.
  • 5.1: Antony and his army prepare for a big smack-down at Philippi. Before heading into battle, Antony meets with the leaders of the other team and talks some trash.
  • 5.5: After Brutus dies, Antony makes a big, flowery speech over his dead body, proclaiming that Brutus was the "noblest Roman" of them all.
  • Psst. Shakespeare continues Antony's life story in Antony and Cleopatra, where our boy has an oh-so steamy love affair with the Queen of the Nile.